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Project Vision

The Sports Boulevard will encourage the citizens of Riyadh to follow a healthy lifestyle, exercising and participating in different sports, particularly, walking, cycling and horse riding. A rich cultural, environmental, and recreational ambience will be created by events and activities, which are aligned with the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

Main Zones


Hanifah Valley Zone

  • A total length of 30 km from Al Olab Dam in Historical Diyriah (north), to Al Madina Al Monawara Road (south)
  • This route will be dedicated to professional and amateur cyclists. It will also feature green pathways for pedestrians and horse riders.
  • It will connect with a cyclist training center in the nearby Diplomatic Quarter
  • It will have 13 stops along the valley route for a bike maintenance center, various coffee shops and retail outlets.

Art Zone

  • This will extend 3 km from King Khalid Road (west) and will have cultural, art and recreational facilities
  • There will be pedestrian, cycling and horse-riding paths, as well as sitting areas
  • There will also be a group of museums, libraries, studios, art forums, conference halls and locations set aside for investment.

Al Yasen Zone

  • Located alongside Al Aysen valley, from Suwaid bin Harthah Road to King Fahad Road (west). It is 3.5 km long
  • It will have a water canal.
  • Pedestrian pathways, bike paths, seating and potential investment areas. Al Aysen Zone will also connect to King Abdullah Financial District through an elevated road.

Recreational Zone


Environmental Zone


Al Sulai Valley Zone

  • It will be located along Al Sulai Valley, from King Fahad Stadium to Binban Park for 53 km
  • It will featuring routes for professional cycling, horse riding, and green pedestrian pathways
  • It will have 15 stations along the valley including: different coffee shops, retails outlets, and a bike maintenance center
  • Picnic and camping areas

Sand Dunes Part Zone


Sports Boulevard

Riyadh Sports Boulevard – This is the road to a healthy and energetic lifestyle. It’s a 135 km of tracks and pathways from Wadi Hanifa, across the city and along Wadi Sulai. There are 10 zones with facilities for almost every sporting activity you can imagine. Construction starts soon and before you know it you’ll be able to enjoy many of the sports as these facilities will be easily access from almost everywhere in the city.